Engaging, Helpful, & Confident Webinar Host

Need an assistant for your Webinars and Zoom Meetings?

Facilitating a Webinar is hard! I get it. But Webinars are the new normal. And a Webinar done correctly, ultimately converts leads to sales.

Ask anyone who has facilitated a Webinar, and they'll tell you that the content and delivery were relatively easy. It was the small stuff that ended being a pain and maybe even cost them sales. 

Here's where I come in!

Here's How I Help With Your Webinars!

Pre webinar

Get your webinar started!

Greet your attendees with fun banter and music.

Build anticipation about your service.


Give you an amazing introduction.

Field private questions from your attendees about your services while you are presenting.

Manage any polls.

Facilitate breakout rooms.

Handle any attendee's missing handouts or forms.

Q & a Segment

Guide you with any scripted questions.

Feed you pertinent information during Q&A.

post webinar

Assist with necessary administrative tasks.

Circle back with suggestions for your Next Webinar​.

Ready to Talk? Here's my Process:

  • You and your team schedule a fifteen minute Zoom Call with me

  • During our call, we discuss your needs and possible next steps

  • Your team and I agree on the Webinar dates and a Dry-Run

  • About a week before your Webinar, we Run Through your Webinar

  • Webinar day, I start your Webinar 15 minutes early and it's show time!

What Do I Charge? $80 / hour

Recording Studio Mic

Let's Work Together!

Questions? Contact Me!

Let me know the details for your Webinar or Virtual Meeting. I'm looking forward to starting a relationship with you!

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